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Our Classes

We have classes for a variety of ages, skill levels, and goals.


Strength and Conditioning 

We have kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, a TRX rig, an Assault Bike, a climbing rope, hanging rings, tractor tires and more, and we will use them all in your pursuit of improved fitness and overall health. Our instructors are always coming up with new workouts to keep things interesting and challenging.

Youth Boxing

Get your kids off their screens and get them active! These classes will use real boxing drills and games to help your child learn how to move, improve co-ordination, speed, and overall health and fitness.

We have separate classes for kids aged 9-11 and ages 12-15.

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Adult/Competitive Boxing

Step up the intensity. These classes focus on advanced skills and techniques, and will push you whether your objective is to get fit or to get ready to compete in sanctioned Boxing Ontario events.

Personal Training

The ultimate way to reach your goals. For the highest level of accountability, once your goals are set and the schedule is mapped out, there's no escaping the watchful eye of your personal trainer as you follow and execute your customized workout program.


Planning on joining?

Please complete our online class waiver

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