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COVID-19 Considerations & Procedures

Entering the Facility

- Upon entry, members will use hand sanitizer provided and complete screening questionnaire
- Members’ names and time/date of entry will be logged on a tracking spreadsheet
- Masks are required in the entrance area of the facility


- Any person who enters or uses the facility maintains a physical distance of at least two metres from any other person who is using the facility unless masks are worn
- Floors are marked with dividing lines for members to indicate appropriate distancing while training during group sessions
- Members will enter and exit training area one at a time to prevent crossing paths


- Gloves and wraps will not be available for shared use - members must use their own equipment and will be responsible for its cleanliness
- Members will be reminded to clean their personal equipment after every session, and before their next session
- No personal belongings will be left at the facility between training sessions
- Used equipment will be kept separate from unused equipment until it has been sanitized
- Members will be asked to assist with sanitization of equipment used after every session with supplies provided by the facility


- Distancing rules are to be followed at all times within reason (i.e. exceptions to be made for partner drills when necessary)

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